All prices are for unframed pieces unless otherwise stated 
Storm Surge, 2024. Oil on canvas. 100x75 cm. €550
Observation of a leaf, 2024. Oil on canvas paper.   40x29 cm. €160
Windfalls, 2024. Oil on canvas paper. 40x29 cm. €160
Atlantic Sky, 2021. Oil on canvas. 50x40 cm. €175
Glenealo Valley, 2021. Oil on canvas. 140x100 cm. Not for sale
Surging Wave 2021. Oil on canvas. 30x40 cm. €135
Connemara Stone Wall, 2022. Oil on canvas. 8 x46 cm. €270
Driftwood on Bray Beach, 2022. Oil on canvas. 120x59 cm. €395
Day's Rest at Aughrus, 2022. Oil on board. 28x40 cm. €150
Whiterock, 2021. Oil on canvas. 76x52 cm €275
Sandymount, 2021. Oil on board. 70x60 cm. SOLD
Powerscourt Waterfall, 2021. Oil on canvas paper. 29x40 cm. €125
Piano Practice, 2021. Oil on canvas. 40x30 cm. Not for sale
Winter Orchard. Oil on panel 60x53 cm. €235
Study of a horse, 2020. Oil on canvas paper. 22x23 cm. €125

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